Accordion Doors

Accordion Doors are the solution to space separation issues for homes, offices, and commercial spaces. Made of rigid and non-toxic PVC, they can be produced in various colors and sizes. They are versatile, reliable, and durable over time.

Porte a soffietto

Le porte riducibili a soffietto sono la soluzione ai problemi di separazione degli ambienti per abitazioni, uffici e spazi commerciali. Prodotte in PVC rigido e atossico, sono realizzabili in diversi colori e dimensioni, sono versatili, affidabili e durevoli nel tempo.

Pastel line

Pastel Line Accordion Doors are characterized by a range of soft and versatile colors, capable of harmoniously integrating into any space, adding a touch of understated elegance.

PASTELLO line with Glass

Pastel Line Accordion Doors with Glass combine the delicacy of pastel colors with glass inserts that bring brightness and openness to the spaces. This design can be valued for its ability to merge privacy and natural light, ideal for separating spaces without sacrificing brightness.

Printed line

Printed Line Accordion Doors are characterized by their visual richness and the decorative and functional capacity of the various finishes, making the products adaptable to different furnishing styles, from the most classic to the most contemporary.

Printed line with Glass

Printed Line Accordion Doors with Glass represent a perfect balance between privacy and style. They combine the practicality of accordion doors with the beauty of glass inserts, enriched by printed patterns that capture attention and embellish the environment.

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