Piuma 60 C

Discover Piuma 60 C, the vertical chain-operated telescopic flyscreen with an anti-gust and anti-intrusion system


Black Freevue mesh

Super resistant anti-gust system

Anti-intrusion around the entire perimeter

Operation – Chain

Installation – In opening

Recommended for – Windows, French doors

Piuma vertical chain-operated telescopic flyscreen with an anti-gust and anti-intrusion system is one of the most innovative projects by Effezeta, a feature-rich wrap-around flyscreen.
This product stands out for its anti-gust and anti-intrusion system, allowing the mesh to move freely while remaining robust against external stress. Piuma 60 C is a telescopic spring flyscreen with chain operation and Press Up system.
It offers customization options with various accessories, such as the anti-stink bug kit for optimal protection against the invasion of stink bugs and other small insects, and the box clip for different fixing needs. Piuma 60 C provides greater coverage compared to the Piuma C version.


Roll-Up Line


A set of accessories inserted in the profiles that form an even more effective barrier against the intrusion of stink bugs

RAL aluminium

White 9010

Ivory 1013

Brown 8017

Grey 7001

Matte Black 9005

Matte Green 6005

Special RAL aluminium

Painted Silver 9006

Painted Bronze

Dark Painted Bronze

Painted Testa di moro


Metallic Iron Grey

Grey Mix

Green Mix

Brown Mix

Copper Brown


Walnut 360-70R

Walnut 102-70R

Natural Medium Walnut

Natural Dark Walnut

Rough Cherry

Natural Cherry

Chestnut 378-70R

Striped Douglas

White Renolit

Dark Renolit

White Renolit



Nets and Fabrics





L/min H/min L/max H/max
Piuma 60 C 400 500 1800 2400

Dimensions must be provided in mm, indicating width (L) for height (H) and type of measurement provided.

FINISHED SIZE: the flyscreen will have the provided dimensions
DAYLIGHT MEASUREMENT: in relation to the provided measurements, the flyscreen will have the following dimensions: W – 2 mm / H – 2 mm